If you own a Mac and plan on playing Team Fortress 2 on it, you must follow these rules.
June 11, 2010

1. You may use a teleporter only if there are no PC users who want to use it. If a PC user shows interest in using the teleporter, you must vacate the teleporter immediately.

2. If you are injured, you may not call for a Medic's assistance until all PC users in the area have full health, or near-full health.

3. If you are on fire, you may not ask for a Sniper or Pyro to put the fire out if there is at least one PC user on fire standing next to you.

4. You may not go Spy or Sniper. You are encouraged to go Pyro.

5. You may not request an übercharge at any time.

6. If you are an Engineer, you must assist any PC users on your team in building their sentries, dispensers and teleporters before you proceed to build your own.

7. If you are a Medic, you must heal any and all PC users who may require your assistance before healing Mac users. You may not übercharge a Mac user.

8. If you plan to pick up ammo or a medkit, you must first stop and examine your surroundings to ensure that no PC users are trying to get to them first. If there are, you must yield.

9. If your team loses, you may not attempt to run from winning players who wish to kill you. If your team wins, you may not kill any PC users.

10. You must identify yourself as a Mac user. This means either equipping the earbuds to all nine characters, adding a tag to your Steam name that identifies you as a Mac user, or telling your team that you are a Mac user (repeatedly, in response to the flow of incoming players).

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Halon Halon - June 11, 2010 (09:36 PM)
I just played a little for the first time in a couple months and here is what I saw:

1. Medics in a corner shooting needles across the map, not healing at all.

2. Spies not knowing how to disguise, just running around shooting the revolver.

3. Demos shooting stickies and not knowing how to detonate them (guess thinking they're like trip mines or something)

4. Soldiers aiming for the head with rocket launcher.

5. Scouts using pistol only.

6. Engineers building sentries in the worst places, or just running around with the shotgun.

Wound up going like 32-3 as soldier while still being quite rusty. So yeah, think it will be another month or two before I play again.

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