Bite-Sized Review // Infested Planet
January 27, 2017

by Consumerism Temple

Infested Planet is a pause-and-command real time strategy game, a very dynamic and mechanically unconventional one. You start with a bunker and a team of soldiers, fending off a gazillion of bug-like swarming aliens who successively come up with accumulating dreadful capabilities emerging every once in a while. You can build further grand and minor structures to enhance your fighting force with an array of manifold remedies, hire or dismiss additional units, upgrade soldiers to weapon or function specialists, call in attack reinforcements and gain other aid as you proceed through the battleground. When needed, you pack up your stuff and move forward, regaining resources required for further expansion.

You need to adapt, as enemy will also react with some impacting edges in response to your actions. The combat conditions constantly evolve. In the campaign, for each successful mission you earn money, for which you can buy better war technology and single stage various mercenary support. The only hotkey you need to assign is the pause button, which I recommend to go spacebar with. Mind also such utilities as fire rockets, recycle and select all units. Move and attack may be useful likewise.

With the Tricksters Arsenal DLC, unique abilities come to your disposal, allowing to pull off maneuvers otherwise beyond reach. The contents of Tricksters Arsenal is available for free in the Weekly Challenge mode, where different formulas of play can be found, such as survival mode, capture missions of pillar difficulty levels, as well as the ultimate challenge of Ironman. I highly recommend to start the experience with the basic version of Infested Planet. Planetary Campaign DLC introduces an entire new level of strategical management, along with a basket of significant battleground innovations.

Infested Planet is a polished product, very well done. In all my lasting adventure with it, I have found only few buglike looking occurrences, which have been dealt with in the manner of days directly following their report. The developer - RocketBear - is very responsive, socially open and engaged in the project, which is to be appreciated nowadays.

Infested Planet is fun. It is very likely to stand the test of time.

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