Bite-Sized Reviews // Pier Solar and the Great Architects
August 27, 2016

by RPG Gamer Man


// Interesting Storyline.

// Unique Characters.

// Skills and weapons differ for each characters.

// Side quests!

// Mini Games!

// Some bosses have their own theme music.

// A hardcore RPG. Some towns don't even have healing in them, and are few and far in between.

// Side Areas that are not relevant to the story, but are fun to explore!


// Grinding for levels and repetition of this type...

// The storyline waits until practically at the end to actually tell you what the heck is going on..

// Some bugs effect gameplay, mostly small, but one big one at Zephyr map was game breaking.

// Sometimes it takes awhile for the characters to "talk" in the game and you have awkward pauses at some points.


// No hints on what to do next...but that does match up with a hardcore RPG. It does not hold your hand...this is not really a negative to me, but I know a lot of people will not like this. I actually like the exploring aspect of games like this and how you figure out stuff on the map yourself.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, a great example of a classic console RPG from the late 1980's and early 1990's. Also, this maybe a harder RPG than younger people are used to nowadays. This is how the RPG's I played were when I was young, so now you young people know how easy the games are nowadays! This game does not hold your hand, but it does have a tutorial library in the 1st village (like most Final Fanatasy games).

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overdrive overdrive - August 28, 2016 (02:29 PM)
This is one I have to get to at some time. I bought it on Steam a ways back, but haven't had time to play it because Avernum: Escape From The Pit has served as a good Steam time-sink.

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