Bite-Sized Review // Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure
June 12, 2016

By MelBee42.

Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure is a relatively long (for the genre) 'adventure' game which describes itself as like Broken Sword, but is probably more like a cross between a hidden object game and a visual novel. As a lover of classic point and clicks I was excited to play this, and although it wasn't terrible, it didn't live up to my expectations, mainly due to lack-lustre, one-dimensional characterisation and sub-par execution.

The Good Stuff
+ A decent length for the money
+ Art style isn't bad
+ Story is OK, if a little silly (which to be honest, I expect from this kind of game anyway)
+ Some reasonably entertaining mini games
+ Puzzles were not too difficult (perhaps a little too easy in places)
+ Quite a lot to find (including hidden cookies and a lot of different ways to die)
+ Devs seem active, responsive and helpful on the forums - always a plus.

The Not-So-Good-Stuff
- For the most part it's just static screens - you don't move your character (which reminds me more of ten-a-penny hidden object games rather than your classic point and click)
- Music gets a little grating after a while as there's not a huge amount of variety
- Am I supposed to even vaguely like any of the characters? The main protagonist is rude and stupid (not in a lovable kinda way), incredibly disrespectful to the woman he supposedly likes, and all round disgusting. The woman is pretty stereotypical (she wants to buy all the crappy looking stuff the merchant has, because gosh, she just loves shopping *that* much!) and the kid is deliberately annoying
- The humour misses the mark more than it hits it. If I tell you one of the characters is called 'Dumgivafuk' I think I've probably given you the level of wit here in a nutshell
- I realise it's not a game with a huge budget (and the price tag reflects that) but I feel like some voice acting - even if only in parts - really would have brought this game to life a little more

Just because your game is set in multiple countries/cities does not make it 'like Broken Sword'. It's nothing like Broken Sword. That said, it was a moderately entertaining diversion and I do appreciate the effort they've put into it. I've played far worse.

5 'mehs' and a shrug out of 10.

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