Bite-Sized Review // IS Defense
April 21, 2016

By Wolf

In a politically-fictional setting, the year is 2020, ISIS controls all of the Middle East and the North African region through their conquest of world domination. They're next major step? The invasion of Europe.

You are put into the boots of a NATO stationary machine-gun operator whose task is to stop the assault by any means given.

---- Weapons and Skills ----

You're only given two weapons here, a M240 Bravo (at least I think it is) and a rocket launcher. At first starting out, your weapons are fairly weak. Over time, when you start leveling and gaining skill points, your two weapons can take out enemies and vehicles with ease with the upgrades you can earn.

With skills points you can make your MG shoot faster and deal damage harder, etc. Give your rockets the option to shoot incendiary rockets, bigger blast radius, reload faster, etc. Better support help like "Special Forces" which gives your infantry more health, make your chopper fire rockets. There are quite a bit of skills to put to use here.

---- Enemies ----

ISIS, duh, but in three varieties. Basic rifleman that will shoot at you. Suiciders that will rush your pillbox in an attempt to kill you. Technicians and stolen Humvee's with LMGs on them that deal little damage if you tackle one. In pairs or more, they'll shred your health if you not careful.

---- Support ----

Supply Drops - refills your health or rockets

Infantry - helps handle ground targets

Artillery Shelling - handles ground and vehicle targets

Airstrikes (my favorite) - drops bomb payloads onto ground targets and vehicle targets like artillery, but more damage

Chopper - does everything the others can do.

Each one can be upgraded in some way with skill points earned.

---- Overall ----

This game reminds me of Boom Beach, and other rail shooters. Great game to spend time playing to see how far you can last against wave upon wave of fighters. If you unlock all the skills and plan accordingly, you'll be almost unkillable. This game was a side project for the devs and lasts maybe 2-3 hours ..ish and for $8. All in all, I had fun and some memories of the old rail shooters I've played.

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