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Bite-Sized Review // Infested Planet
January 27, 2017

by Consumerism Temple

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Bite Sized Review // I Am Alive
January 17, 2017

by Sniper Wolf

I have so much I want to write about I Am Alive. I'll start with declaring that I love it; let's get that out of the way first.

Itís a great game, especially considering it had a long and problematic development cycle. At one stage, Ubisoft had intended to start a franchise with this game. I can see how it could have been as successful as Assassin's Creed or Far Cry. There are similarities to The Last of Us which of course became a huge success for rival developer Naughty Dog.

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Bite Sized Review // The Bunker
October 02, 2016

by SidAlpha

The Bunker is an FMV Video Game done very much in a similar vein to its 90ís predecessors. Featuring Adam Wood, the game takes you through a tense story arc where the character John battles against the decades old failing equipment while slowly dredging up memories of the past that allude to a horrible tragedy.

The story in the game is amazing and the acting is exceptionally well done, providing a wonderful atmosphere for the tense and tragic story arc. It is an experience that I feel is well worth the asking price and definitely something I am well able to recommend to my viewers.

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Bite-Sized Reviews // Pier Solar and the Great Architects
August 27, 2016

by RPG Gamer Man


// Interesting Storyline.

// Unique Characters.

// Skills and weapons differ for each characters.

// Side quests!

// Mini Games!

// Some bosses have their own theme music.

// A hardcore RPG. Some towns don't even have healing in them, and are few and far in between.

// Side Areas that are not relevant to the story, but are fun to explore!


// Grinding for levels and repetition of this type...

// The storyline waits until practically at the end to actually tell you what the heck is going on..

// Some bugs effect gameplay, mostly small, but one big one at Zephyr map was game breaking.

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Bite-Sized Reviews // Cthulhu Saves the World
July 24, 2016

By silverlunastar39

As an ardent Lovecraft and RPG fan, I whole-heartedly recommend this game.

If you're familiar with Breath of Death VII, then you already know what this game is like. If you're not, read on...

Cthulhu Saves the World is a light-hearted homage to both the classic JRPG's of yesteryear as well as H.P. Lovecrafts work. In this game, you play as Cthulhu, cosmic horror supreme, who undergoes a bit of a dilemma: rather than destroying the world, Cthulhu is tasked with saving it (hence the name.) Along the way, Cthulhu encounters many different characters and locales, many of which are pulled straight from Lovecraft's stories. Some help and join you, while most just want to fight.

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Bite-Sized Review // Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure
June 12, 2016

By MelBee42.

Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure is a relatively long (for the genre) 'adventure' game which describes itself as like Broken Sword, but is probably more like a cross between a hidden object game and a visual novel. As a lover of classic point and clicks I was excited to play this, and although it wasn't terrible, it didn't live up to my expectations, mainly due to lack-lustre, one-dimensional characterisation and sub-par execution.

The Good Stuff
+ A decent length for the money
+ Art style isn't bad
+ Story is OK, if a little silly (which to be honest, I expect from this kind of game anyway)
+ Some reasonably entertaining mini games
+ Puzzles were not too difficult (perhaps a little too easy in places)

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Bite-Sized Review // IS Defense
April 21, 2016

By Wolf

In a politically-fictional setting, the year is 2020, ISIS controls all of the Middle East and the North African region through their conquest of world domination. They're next major step? The invasion of Europe.

You are put into the boots of a NATO stationary machine-gun operator whose task is to stop the assault by any means given.

---- Weapons and Skills ----

You're only given two weapons here, a M240 Bravo (at least I think it is) and a rocket launcher. At first starting out, your weapons are fairly weak. Over time, when you start leveling and gaining skill points, your two weapons can take out enemies and vehicles with ease with the upgrades you can earn.

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