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Type: Review
Game: Awesomenauts (Xbox 360)
Posted: May 06, 2012 (04:05 PM)
Awesomenauts is easy to recommend simply because itís so different from other experiences available on consoles. It brings in the competitive edge that makes online FPS games so popular but does something wholly different with it.

Type: Review
Game: Flotilla (Xbox 360)
Posted: March 09, 2012 (12:58 PM)
I want you to understand just how inept a tactician I am so that youíll understand the magnitude of my meaning when I say Flotilla makes me feel like Iím in Ender's Game. You wonít spend all day playing it, but you might find you come back every few weeks for a new adventure, and to kick a smug deerís ass one more time.

Type: Review
Game: Bloody Good Time (Xbox 360)
Posted: December 22, 2011 (12:43 AM)
Bloody Good Time gets a hearty endorsement as a unique and very affordable take on the deathmatch idea. Between its sense of humour and the variety of strategies available, there's a lot of room for this to be a truly great game.

Type: Review
Game: Dead Nation (PlayStation 3)
Posted: August 14, 2011 (03:14 PM)
Dead Nation did something that I didn't think could be done anymore: it scared me with zombies.

Type: Review
Game: Tenchu Z (Xbox 360)
Posted: May 08, 2011 (09:20 PM)
For all its faults, Tenchu Z is something all games should be but are increasingly often not: it is fun.

Type: Review
Game: Battlefield 1943 (Xbox 360)
Posted: November 08, 2010 (06:50 PM)
In 1942, in Vietnam, in a fictionalised present day and even a century and a half into the future, the Battlefield series of games has provided exactly what the title suggests, and it was this very quality that sold me on Battlefield 1943. I had never played games online before and didnít know whether Iíd enjoy it, but as I ran along the top of a sun-baked ridge on Wake Island atoll, bombs screeching past overhead to spatter me in chunks of earth as tanks rolled by and my comrades sprinted for t...
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Type: Review
Game: Body Harvest (Nintendo 64)
Posted: November 07, 2010 (01:24 PM)
The N64 library contains a reasonable share of classics, considering the lack of software support compared to the titan that was the Playstation. Many of these classics are well known: Zelda, Mario, Goldeneye, and so on. As in any field of entertainment, though, some classics are woefully overlooked. I direct your eye to Body Harvest, a game that may lack the glossy presentation and heavyweight pedigree of a game like Zelda, but makes up for it with imagination and ambition.
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Type: Review
Game: Pirates! (NES)
Posted: November 06, 2010 (07:53 PM)
Sid Meier is a name associated with strategy and management. Civilization, Colonization and Railroad Tycoon are among Meierís better-known games, but before these monuments of intellectual gaming there was bloodthirsty high seas thievery in Pirates!
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Type: Review
Game: Elite (NES)
Posted: July 30, 2010 (09:01 AM)
Many years ago, before Star Fox made space wedges look badass, before developers realised that console games don't control like PC games, and before huge environments were the norm, there was Elite. Imagineer's spacefaring trade/combat quasi-sim is possessed of a uniqueness that prompts ambivalence.

Type: Review
Game: Mario's Tennis (Virtual Boy)
Posted: April 24, 2010 (08:01 AM)
Mario's Tennis is Marioís Tennis. Itís what youíd expect. It's a basic tennis game featuring characters from the Mario series. Oddly, though, it's one of the better Virtual Boy games.

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