Does anyone have any idea...
October 12, 2011

...why pinball videogames never quite caught on?

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fleinn fleinn - October 12, 2011 (01:31 PM)
I don't know..But I have an idea.
bloomer bloomer - October 12, 2011 (07:00 PM)
They had some fame on the Apple II, and in the 8-bit era in general. Bill Budge, one of the first game authors to be plugged as being something of a rock n roll personality, made games like Raster Blaster, and later, Pinball Construction Set, so players could make their own tables.

There's also David's Midnight Magic, a very famous 8 bit entry ported from the Apple to the Atari and C64.

I can say one thing about the early pinball games vs the flashier scrolling things that came later - there's something about the screen being static, with the whole table visible and only the ball exhibiting gravity, that gives me the pinball experience a lot better than following the ball up and down the table.
honestgamer honestgamer - October 12, 2011 (08:11 PM)
Raster Blaster! I think I've actually played that and have it on disc! I had completely forgotten it even existed.
bloomer bloomer - October 13, 2011 (12:09 AM)
Hehe. If you've got it in its baggie, you could probably put it on ebay with a start of around $300. If you can tolerate it not going anywhere for a long time, it will sell within half a year to one of those crazy Apple II collectors who will pay anything.

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