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ProfesserPants "It's not the strongest of the species who survives, Nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change." - Charles Darwin

Title: Pure
Posted: January 31, 2009 (10:16 PM)
I just rented Pure. They should put the words "Colombian Gold" after it because it's addicting. It's also a lot more challenging than I predicted. I hope to write a full review soon, but I'm going on vacation this coming week so I may not have time. Just wanted to make a note that I am enjoying it very much. Downfall... the computer players may be a little TOO good. I am often calling bullshit on computer players who come out of nowhere to claim my first place right before the finish line! LOVE IT!

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: January 31, 2009 (10:51 PM)
That sounds like it probably is bullshit. Rubber band AI is one of my pet peeves in racing games. It's supposed to ensure that things are more challenging and thrilling and such, but really it just makes victory come down to luck. Rubbish players are every bit as likely to win as good ones.

Pure is a game that I'm really hoping to see in a bargain bin sometime because I'd really like to play it. The look and stuff really appealed to me.

ProfesserPantsUser: ProfesserPants
Title: YES
Posted: February 02, 2009 (07:31 PM)
You are right. It such a good game in many aspects, but that rubber-banding like you say turns into some frustrating moments. You can dominate the lead for 4 out of 5 laps, but you have to play flawlessly on the last lap so that a computer player doesn't go blasting by you with some mysteriously fast racing machine. The good part of this is that every race really does feel like a battle. It's a good rental.

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