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Title: Games Not Being Art 'n' Ting
Posted: October 27, 2009 (12:15 PM)
'Ello my old cockers! Don't take that offensively; I'm from Yorkshire!

Earlier this month I made a charming article for Game Revolution claiming that games cannot be viewed as a traditional art form 'cause they're far too inaccessible for the ordinary chap off the street. I can't post the thing 'ere, 'cause the chances are GR will reward me for their loyalty with a nifty little gift card. 'Owever, if the whole 'games as art' debate interests you, have a deek over 'ere for the article, as well as some bloke's charmin' rebuttal.


bloomerUser: bloomer
Posted: October 27, 2009 (07:37 PM)
If we were to call it a battleground, I believe you have the battleground in completely the wrong place. Accessibility has nothing to do with a thing being art or not. The place to begin any such investigation is the presence of interactivity in videogames - and not because that means some people will never see 'all' of a game, but because it makes their imaginative interaction with the material different to the way they experience a film, novel, piece of music, etc., all of which are non-interactive. But this has nothing to do with them being 'better' or 'worse', which is most people's foolish next jump.

The line about videogames being more 'immersive' than the other things is, I'm gonna say, just wrong - unquantifiable, immeasurable.

darketernalUser: darketernal
Posted: October 28, 2009 (06:01 AM)
Games are not art. This is fact.

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