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Masters Welcome to my blog. Beware; extreme randomness abound.

Title: Homefront
Posted: March 16, 2011 (06:38 AM)
I loaded up Homefront for the first time last night. I haven't tried the single player campaign yet, but I spent some time with the multiplayer team deathmatch mode.

It looks bad. The font used throughout looks like something you might see in an Intellivision game. Worse than simply an aesthetic issue, you can't actually read shit that's on the screen because of it.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The graphics are hella weak, and the weapons lack punch. The best gun is the submachine gun because it uses a red dot by default, which makes it easier to hit your targets--the difficult to see, seemingly pixelated other players.

The sniper rifle seemed like a good idea at first, since the game rewards camping; then I realized that it's slow to fire and more often than not does not give you a one-shot kill.

There are also precious few options on offer. Button layout, for example, is limited to default and southpaw. No tactical, no legacy, nothing. I found this particularly troubling since I like to use the right analog stick not for melee attacks, but for crouching. No can do.

Modes are even more limited. You've got two multiplayer modes. Two! Team Deathmatch, and some sort of holding action mode. Each of the two modes can be 'enhanced' if you choose the Battle Commander versions, which allow a AI-controlled General to place bounties on the heads of whoever is on the most impressive killing streak.

Killing streaks unlock remote controlled drones and airstrikes -- the usual fare, but decidedly less compelling this time 'round.

Really, I'm surprised by how poor the graphics are. The game looks worse than Modern Warfare -- yes, the FIRST Modern Warfare. You know, the one released in 2007? That one.

The trailers led me to believe that we were in for a treat with Homefront, and they certainly did their job. But once the disc started spinning, it was all downhill. Without touching on the (im)plausibility of the bad guy's empire-building -- even the heavy-handed intro, highlighting the Korean occupation of The United States was done poorly.

For the high ticket price on this thing, Homefront is most certainly a terrible value. You might feel ripped off paying the price of a rental alone.

I will save my final word for after I spend some time with the campaign, but I'm not optimistic.

SuskieUser: Suskie
Title: Re: Homefront
Posted: March 16, 2011 (09:24 AM)
"Hopefully Homefront isn't a complete bust." - Masters

MastersUser: Masters
Title: Re: Homefront
Posted: March 16, 2011 (09:31 AM)
And it TOTALLY IS! =(

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