I'm playing BioShock 2
February 11, 2010


The idea of playing it is pretty exciting, but already the game is quite a bit less compelling than the first.

Despite the fact that the original deteriorated into a dressed up fetch quest, it began as an engaging tour of wonderland.

BioShock 2 doesn't.

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Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - February 11, 2010 (03:01 PM)
Don't do it, Ken.
pickhut pickhut - February 11, 2010 (04:19 PM)
I agree with Masters, BioShock 2 has a horrible start.
Masters Masters - February 11, 2010 (09:33 PM)
Ok, so the first Big Daddy encounter was very cool. But why the hell does the game hold your hand so much?? VERY HARD FIGHT COMING UP GET READY

Don't do what FELIX? (Let's keep with using the first name of our fake names, yes, I like it a lot!)

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