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MartinG Hello, everyone!

Title: Awesome Final Fantasy crossover battle sequence with insane choreography
Posted: March 25, 2008 (08:37 AM)
I don't know how it is even possible to take characters from several Final Fantasies and Dead or Alive and come up with an endless fight scene that is ten times as crazy and awesome as the entire Advent Children (which was, itself, one long battle scene), but my mind? It is blown.


pupUser: pup
Posted: March 25, 2008 (10:52 AM)
Great choreography, pacing, and camera-work. This is one of the best action pieces I've seen in a while, and I'm not a fan of either series. That fight alongside the building was absolutely my favorite part. I just have one question. Did Hitomi (the DOA girl in a brown shirt) serve a single purpose throughout that entire battle?

MartinGUser: MartinG
Posted: March 25, 2008 (11:53 AM)
It's hard to say whether ANY of them served any purpose at all, seeing as how nobody seems to receive any damage whatsoever. That was a complaint I had about Advent Children, that and the fact that blades and bullets never ever connected. This guy at least makes use of swords and guns, even if they don't do damage, so as far as I'm concerned it's quite an improvement.

But yes, the girl in the jeans seemed rather underused. She doesn't have any weapons, and most importantly, she doesn't have a crazy outfit! How do you expect to win a FF battle with jeans and a top?

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