My new addiction
September 07, 2009

I have started playing Defense Grid: The Awakening, and I'm totally addicted to it. If you've never played this game, it's basically a stationary strategy game. And by that I mean that aliens will try to capture some "cores" from your computer at the end of the level. It's YOUR job to set up turrets of different abilities (flamethrowers, lasers, machine guns, mortars, time distortion, etc) to impede and eventually eliminate the thieving alien scum.

Different aliens are affected by some turrets more than others. Part of the fun is figuring out what combinations work best with each other to last the multitudes of waves. You can also pave a path for the aliens by putting turrets in their way...forcing them to go the way that you decide.

All in all, I'm having a lot of fun with this little gem, and isn't that the point of playing a game? If you feel like picking it up, you could certainly do worse.

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EmP EmP - September 07, 2009 (02:09 PM)
Kind of like Castle Defense? Interesting.

I demand you review it so I may make my mind up some more.
Halon Halon - September 07, 2009 (02:13 PM)
I played it and didn't really care for it. This is probably because I played it right after playing Plants vs Zombies, which is better in every single way except difficulty.
ManOWarr ManOWarr - September 08, 2009 (09:55 AM)
Once I've finished it I'll give it a complete review. I've still got 2 more levels to go ;)

I personally haven't ever played a game quite like it, but I'm more of a mainstream gamer (think Gears of War, MechAssault, GRAW, Morrowind, Mortal Kombat, Rainbow Six, etc), so this is a departure for me to be out of my comfort zone. Don't get me wrong---I make no apologies for my taste in video games. I never claimed to be the equivalent of a fine wine connoisseur to the gaming industry. I don't have to be bourgeois to be edgy & cool :-)

As soon as I'm completed the last level, the review will go up. Probably be up by Wednesday afternoon.
ManOWarr ManOWarr - September 10, 2009 (03:46 PM)
Believe it or not, the last level isn't NEARLY as difficult as the one 2 levels before it. It's a little confusing at first because there are so many ways for the aliens to march on down to the computer and steal your cores, but you either pull it together quickly or lose quickly.

The review will go up tomorrow afternoon after I've completed writing it up. It's a fun game overall, if you want my preliminary opinion. I apologize for it not going up today, but work has been hell and how I make money to BUY games takes precedent over writing up a review of those games. Not trying to be snarky there, just being truthful. Even gamers gotta eat. :)


SOMETHING I'D LIKE TO MAKE SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT ON THIS GAME is the ability to instantly return to a previous save point by hitting the "Back" button on your controller. I would really like this feature to be put into other games.

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