Maybe I'm just getting old
August 06, 2009

I find that I have less and less patience for people when it comes to things I think they should know already.

For example, a friend of mine just got a divorce. His wife cheated on him, and moved the other guy into the house THEY bought. So what does he do? Gives her the house, everything in it, the new car they bought, and pays HER $5000 for the wedding present her dad gave them from 5 years ago.

How does this play into the whole "things I think people should know" scenario? Because he left the utilities in HIS name, essentially allowing her to use his deposits to pay off her bills, and left his account number on the car payment information to where she posted one of her car payments of $500 using HIS account that she no longer has legal access to.

His response? "I didn't think she'd do that." Ahem. Why? Because she's been so faithful and honest so far??? She's cheated on you, moved another guy into your house, took everything you had except for the clothes on your back (because you were naive enough to give it to her), cashed your tax return money, took your utility money to pay her utilities, conned you out of a $500 car payment plus half of that the month before to make said car payment to prevent your credit rating from going to hell.

Gee....yeah, I can see why you'd trust her. Don't get me wrong, divorces are terrible, but even though you may still love someone you NEED to take some steps to protect yourself from things like this.

So long story short, he's 35 years old and starting his life over with NOTHING but the clothes on his back and the truck he drives. How'd you like to be that old and start fresh as if you'd just moved out of your parent's house?

Yeah, I wouldn't want to either.

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bluberry bluberry - August 06, 2009 (08:04 PM)
to be fair, he's at least getting out of there without making alimony payments, and divorce courts fucking hate dudes so he's kind of lucky for that. not having any sort of crushing debt at least puts him ahead of most recent college graduates!
honestgamer honestgamer - August 07, 2009 (02:43 AM)
It sucks that he got his heart broken and that he's clearly still not over it, but yeah... he could be in positions much worse than the one he's in currently. If he accepts reality and has good friends, he'll be fine. It's not our job as friends to be right in situations like these, or for him to be wrong. It's a time for us to be supportive of people who aren't in their right minds in the hopes that we can still be friends when they recover.
ManOWarr ManOWarr - August 07, 2009 (09:52 AM)
Oh...forgot to mention....he also agreed to take on $10,000 worth of credit card debt as part of their divorce settlement. Nevermind he has none of the things that they put on those cards.

I see your points, though. He's at least out of a bad situation, and the important thing for me to do is to be there for him. He needs to have someone to vent on, and I'm it. When he says, "Man, I got screwed" I'll be the guy who says, "Yep. Yep, you did."

Hey, I didn't say I was GOOD at this sort of stuff!

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