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2000 Iranians arrested, many more
June 29, 2009

It's been said that "Freedom isn't free".

No one can understand that more right now than the thousands of Iranians that are fearing for their lives just for making a peaceful protest about a very controversial election.

To get the full measure of what's happening in Iran, you have to understand their form of government. It's a form of Theocratic Republic where the Ayatollah actually has more power than the democratically elected President of the country. (Although right now the word "democratic" would be a word most people wouldn't use to describe the current Presidential elections there where many Iranians feel that the recent election was fixed.)

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Republican Mark Sanford caught with his pants down
June 25, 2009

It's always amused me when politicians try to take the moral high ground when they themselves don't seem to understand the concept of "morality". You can't say "DON'T DO THAT!" if you're doing it too.

What I mean by this is Republican Superstar Mark Sanford, who wanted to impeach Bill Clinton for sleeping around on his wife with an intern citing a lack of "moral legitimacy", just admitted to cheating on his own wife for the past year. Hypocrite, much?

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