I quit
August 10, 2010

... for a week or so, anyway. On Friday I'm taking my tent, my canoe and my own sorry ass out to live like a primitive savage for awhile. No PC, no internet, no nothin'. Gonna be sweeeeeeeeeeet.

Anyone else enjoy distinctly lo-tech breaks from their hi-tech lifestyle?

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honestgamer honestgamer - August 10, 2010 (10:43 PM)
I can't remember the last time that I took such a break. I don't know that I ever really have, actually. Even when I went camping for a weekend, I had my DS with me and was playing it so that I could write reviews when I got back. Sure, I did take some time to enjoy the actual camping... then I moved to the town near where I camped. I must have enjoyed myself enough at the time to warrant that move, I guess...
bloomer bloomer - August 11, 2010 (05:37 AM)
Usually I take a total break at xmas and one on annual holiday somewhere between sept-november.

I really enjoy the non-xmas one as it's sunshiney and totally videogame, computer and internet free. However, the xmas one occurs at a holiday house too close to Sydney, which induces irrational fears in me that I'm 'missing' something. And I'm not even on twitter, I don't chat, I barely touch social networking etc... yet I still have this weird feeling that time will leave me behind when I leave the city but the city is not far enough way. It's weird.
Suskie Suskie - August 11, 2010 (10:02 AM)
I think it's been at least a decade since I went camping. I can't remember ever enjoying it, honestly. I guess I've just grown accustomed to a lot of the luxuries we all take for granted today: air conditioning, refrigerated food, electronic entertainment, sleeping in a real bed, etc. Call me spoiled, but camping just isn't for me. Hope you have fun, though.

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