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Lewis Lewis Denby is a freelance videogames journalist and critic. As well as HonestGamers, he has written for PC Gamer, Eurogamer, The Escapist, Gamasutra and BeefJack.

Title: Cryptic.
Posted: February 26, 2009 (02:03 PM)
Always wanted to work on something with the fantastic Beth Radish.

So this game we may or may not be designing but you don't know 'cause we haven't told you should be interesting.

We Are In Brainstorm Mode.

Posted: February 26, 2009 (04:03 PM)
Cunt girl??

This is all a bit Nathan Barley.

LewisUser: Lewis
Posted: February 27, 2009 (07:13 AM)
CuntGirl is a really inspired pseudo-feminist jewelry range Beth produces.

Totally silly, clearly. But actually surprisingly popular.

Have a look at some of her, um, 'designs' on page 2 of that gallery link.

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