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Lewis Lewis Denby is a freelance videogames journalist and critic. As well as HonestGamers, he has written for PC Gamer, Eurogamer, The Escapist, Gamasutra and BeefJack.

Title: Old BioShock Talk
Posted: February 16, 2009 (05:01 PM)
My piece on BioShock for Art Fist Magazine has found itself a home online, right here.

Dodgy line-break issues, but just about decypherable. Think the site's moving over to www.artfist.co.uk soon so update your bookmarks accordingly. Not that you'd likely be bookmarking yet another of my BioShock essays.

Of all the things I wrote about BioShock, this was the big one, intended for a wider audience and an example of my 'games as art' ramblings. In reality, there was probably a whole host of more suitable games to talk about in that capacity, but tasked with writing something about games for an art mag, I wanted to do something a bit more accessible. And I think I was playing it at the time. And it was about to be released on the PS3.

Some might be interested in this, anyway. Others not so.

I might ask them to get the formatting sorted out, though. I know how to use paragraphs, really.

zippdementiaUser: zippdementia
Posted: February 16, 2009 (05:40 PM)
And others still need to play Bioshock... damn it, I just don't have the money to pick it up right now!

By the way, you should get a draft of my horror article in the next couple days.

EmPUser: EmP
Posted: February 16, 2009 (06:21 PM)
I've still not played more than an hour in! I stopped playing Fallout 3, too!

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: February 16, 2009 (06:50 PM)
BioShock is like... an 8-hour game. And a great one, at that! There's just no excuse! Well, unless you want to throw in my face the number of other games you have to play and review, but I know you wouldn't be so mean-spirited as to do that!

wolfqueen001User: wolfqueen001
Posted: February 16, 2009 (06:56 PM)
Don't feel too bad, Jason. He also stopped playing Half Life about halfwway through, too. We're still trying to get him to finish that one off.

LewisUser: Lewis
Posted: February 17, 2009 (07:03 AM)
"BioShock is like... an 8-hour game."

Wow, you ploughed through. Took me about 20 on medium difficulty.

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