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Lewis Lewis Denby is a freelance videogames journalist and critic. As well as HonestGamers, he has written for PC Gamer, Eurogamer, The Escapist, Gamasutra and BeefJack.

Title: Unity Day
Posted: August 15, 2008 (06:56 PM)
Back from the Grammatics gig, disappointed. The sound was poor, and they just didn't seem that bothered to be there. Second time I've seen them, and a band I absolutely love on record... just seems to be lost in the live show, unfortunately.

Tomorrow (well, later today really) is Unity Day, which potentially no one here will know about, but I'll discuss it anyway. In response to the race riots a decade ago in the area where I live, residents set up a volunteer-run community festival. Over the year's it's grown into a full on live music-based event, with a multitude of stages and loads of West Yorkshire bands playing, as well as loads of other stuff going on. It's fabulous. This year's is particularly poignant due to the tragic deaths of two of its organisers in the past year, including Pat Regan, who I'm sure some people will have heard of. The main stage is named after her this time; the second stage named after Paul McSporran who lost his brave fight to cancer earlier this year. I was supposed to be working with Paul in the organisation of that stage this year before his passing. Didn't know him that well, but still feel a pang of sadness writing this nevertheless.

Highlight of the day will be Eureka Machines, I reckon, who I mentioned in an earlier blog.


Check it.

honestgamerUser: honestgamer
Posted: August 16, 2008 (06:26 AM)
You're right. I don't know anything about any of what you posted about. Just posting to let you know that I'm reading, even when not understanding. ;-)

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