Oh my, I've not been keeping up with this
July 25, 2009

How long is it since I last blogged here? Man. Stuff's mainly been going on down at my website (www.lewisdenby.com) but I do hope to keep up with stuff here as well.

Judging the TT has been mad-work, but I do have a couple of reviews I'm working on myself, which will hopefully be on the site early next week. I'd have liked them to be done already, but stuff's been crazy-busy.

Meanwhile -- and I've not mentioned Reso for a bit, so it seems a reasonable time to do so -- we've set up a new subscription service over there. It's 2 a month (that's, um, just over $3 at the moment?) and you get an exclusive, full-length, subscribers-only feature emailed to you each weekend. It's getting to the stage where running Resolution and maintaining its growth simply isn't feasible without a bit of financial help, as advertising revenue doesn't come anywhere close to funding the running of the site blah-blah-blah you know this already from HG stuff. But plenty of you seem to be lovely enough to be donating to HG (which I still need to do, actually, but certainly will be doing when I get paid on Monday), so hopefully a few of you will find it in your hearts to be that wonderful to us too.

(There's always the option of one-off donations too, of course.)

For more info, go to www.resolution-magazine.co.uk, scroll down a bit, and click the big flashing hatched ad.


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Halon Halon - July 25, 2009 (08:23 AM)
Are you still working on that Source mod?
Lewis Lewis - July 25, 2009 (08:33 AM)
Slowly but surely. It's fucking difficult to find time for it at the moment, as I'm having to do a lot of work in order to, y'know, live.

Such is the life of a freelancer.

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