An angry and arrogant rant
May 25, 2009

Um. I'm quite angry today, it would seem. So I write this.

Talking to Gillen, he reassures me "a little bit of venom never hurt anyone. Though the people on TV dying in Snakes on a Plane would probably disagree with that."


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zigfried zigfried - May 25, 2009 (06:49 PM)
That was pretty angry and arrogant, but not unreasonable. If a site isn't behaving seriously, they have no business pre-empting sites that are. Unfortunately, with so many hundreds of non-big sites out there, you can't rely on PR to determine who's serious and who isn't.

I'm definitely in favor of the "something different" approach. There are a lot of people out there who want to make their opinions known, but there are a lot fewer who seize that opportunity to do something aside from regurgitate other sites, just with new words.

zippdementia zippdementia - May 26, 2009 (01:19 AM)
i thought it was totally fine, except the part where you wrote an awesome rant while I'm dicking around with Sacred 2. How dare you.

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