First impressions: Zeno Clash
April 21, 2009

This is all kinds of awesome.

A first-person FPS-cum-adventure-cum-beat-em-up from Chilean indie house Ace Games turns out to demonstrate just how true that name is. Zeno Clash is a beautiful ugly. It's ugly in the sense that it's gruesome, often visually disturbing and, at times, oddly frightening to look at. It's beautiful because... well, because just look at it:

It's a surprisingly solid beat-em-up interrupted by surprisingly disappointing FPS mechanics, but driven along by the unmitigated joy of seeing just what this crazy world throws at you next. Whether it's double-sized giraffes with elephant heads, parachuting squirrels with dynamite strapped to their back, haunted woodlands full of strange ethereal beings or a boat trip down moonlit river during The End Of The World, it's always aesthetically remarkable, always stunningly creative, and always startlingly atmospheric.

It's out on Steam now, and it isn't really very much money at all.

You should buy this, y'know.

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Halon Halon - April 21, 2009 (09:42 PM)
The excessive near-naked men in the screenshots turned me off but if it's good I'll reconsider it.
Suskie Suskie - April 21, 2009 (09:57 PM)
It's out on Steam now

You lie.
Lewis Lewis - April 21, 2009 (11:59 PM)
Not there? Wonder if it's different Stateside...
Suskie Suskie - April 22, 2009 (04:27 PM)
Never mind, I'm stupid. Still wondering how well it'll run on my crappy laptop, though...
Lewis Lewis - April 23, 2009 (01:47 AM)
Minimum specs say:

3.0Ghz single-core
128mb Shader 2.0 video card

Runs flawlessly with everything maxed out on my:

3.2Ghz single-core
512mb Shader 3.0 video card
Suskie Suskie - April 23, 2009 (08:58 AM)
No good. My vid card's 64mb.

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