Not a Neverwinter Night.
April 04, 2009

One of those games I really should have played but never have is Neverwinter Nights. So, when I saw it in a second hand shop for 1.50, I snapped it up.

This is a few months ago now. I never got round to it. But tonight, I fancy trying it out. So I go get the box, open it up, and... it's not Neverwinter Nights in there.

Great work, CEX.

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Halon Halon - April 04, 2009 (05:02 PM)
I played the campaign for a few hours then put it down to play something else and never went back to it. However I played multiplayer for 3-4 weeks back in 2002 (and fooled around with mods every now and then). The community sucked (typical elitist D&D snobs) but the game was still fun.

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