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April 02, 2009

Really wanted to like this game a lot more than this. It does some things frighteningly well - but too many things wrong for it to be recommendable.

Another Denby non-review. This one is a vague analysis of the game's lead character, because really, that's all the "game"'s about. I really, really like Yume Nikki, if only for how much it made my head spin.

It's like Penumbra all over again. Horrible off-site linking here, but if anyone wants to read yet more of my thoughts on Tale of Tales' unlikely talking point, here's where to do so.

Coming soon: Geneforge 5, then that game EmP sent me that I haven't installed yet and can't remember its name. Serves him right for sending me something without asking, when I already had about eight billion deadlines to meet.

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EmP EmP - April 03, 2009 (03:43 AM)
If I need to suffer, so do you.

I had to review a driving theory test study guide, dammit!

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