A New Crazy Denby Site, and a rare Not A (Film) Review
March 25, 2009

I've set up a new blog for a more general collection of my nonsense thoughts. Will probably be cross-posting and linking a lot, though, and will be remanining very firmly here as well.

On this new page, I've just written the first real piece I've ever done about film. Or, at least, the first piece about a specific film. Not A Review has spanned into another dimension...

"Hallam Foe makes for some uncomfortable viewing. There's an odd incongruency between the dark, grizzly themes of the film, and the regularly upbeat, trivial manner with which they're dealt. It's a piece about depression, suicide, voyeuristic addiction and latent necrophilia. But it's delivered with an awkward ease and nonchalance. The result is a remarkably strange film that seems to have very little to say, or at least be confused about what its core messages are."

Do click the linky to have a read. It's a film that's really worth checking out (don't know how available it is Stateside), even though it didn't quite gel with me.

And do feel free to post comments over there, or keep checking that site if you're interested in what I get up to outside of games.

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