Review round-up
December 16, 2008

I know I've linked to a few previously, but my last few, summarised in one little post.

March-exclamation-mark-Offworld Recon
First played this one on release and loathed it just as much then. It's single-handedly managed to turn me into the bastard child of Charlie Brooker and Yahtzee Croshaw. But it is a little bit funny, if you want to laugh at the "special" developers.

A Vampyre Story
Close but no cigar. Awesome concept, gorgeous to look at, really funy in places, and with a wonderful opening third. The rest of the game seems like it's made by a completely different developer, and falls disappointingly short. It's lucky to get the score I settled for, though for a few brilliant moments alone, it kind of deserves it.

I'd love for people to talk about this one in more length, but hardly anyone's got it - understandable, as it's only been released in two countries, as far as I know. It's absolutely bloody brilliant, at the same time as being incredibly disagreeable. Oversteps many lines in game development theory, which is mightily commendable, but in the end only serves to spoil a marvellous idea somewhat. English translation is abominable, too, which is crippling, as it's the most gorgeously-written game since Planescape.

Really not much to say. The new FIFA. Absolutely, positively as you'd expect, albeit with a brand new controller bug. Elsewhere, there's no real change.

Left 4 Dead
Clearly bloody wonderfully brilliant. The most pure fun I've had in a game for absolutely ages. Twitchy and atmospheric, tremendously funny, and absolutely the best FPS in the world to play with friends. Quite pleased with this review, even if it is a little lengthy.

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