Puns and a pretty good game.
December 11, 2008

There's a very intriguing new adventure game out called A Vampyre Story.

For once, it's a graphic adventure that doesn't suck! This is probably fangs to its being developed by Bill Tiller, formerly of Lucas Arts. Unfortunately, though, it loses a bit of soul around half-way through, resulting in a rather lifeless middle section. Still, in this climate of crap adventures, you'd be batty not to give it a go.

Review here.

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wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - December 11, 2008 (06:07 AM)
The "fangs" was the worst pun you put in. XD Good grief.

I'll read the review after I pass out from both my finals today.
EmP EmP - December 11, 2008 (10:08 AM)
If I didn't need someone with a working PC, you'd be all kinds of fired for those puns.

Excelent review, though, Lew.

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