Witching Hour...
October 13, 2008

Game that has made me laugh the most without meaning to in recent history: The Witcher.

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EmP EmP - October 13, 2008 (01:21 PM)
You just be careful with that disk! In a few decade, I expect to have a PC powerful enough to run it.
Lewis Lewis - October 13, 2008 (02:35 PM)
It'll be on its way straight back to you as soon as the review's done, sirry.

Quite rather good, this game. But still hilarious. The review will tell all.
Halon Halon - October 13, 2008 (05:02 PM)
I hear you have sex with 50-100 women on average per playthrough.

I would play it but supposedly it's super long and I'll probably never finish it.

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