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September 28, 2008

I have just this minute finished Mass Effect on the PC. The universe is safe - for now...

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Halon Halon - September 28, 2008 (05:38 PM)
I still haven't started it and just began Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines. This game better be good.
Suskie Suskie - September 28, 2008 (06:10 PM)
I've only played the Xbox 360 version, but I eventually came to the conclusion that it's the best game I've played since Metroid Prime.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - September 28, 2008 (06:47 PM)
Yeeeeees. PC version. Since I missed out on the original Mass Effect thanks to not owning a 360, it'd be awesome to have access to this.

I heard it was better than the 360 version, too. Though I can't imagine how ridiculously technical a computer you've got to have to run it.
Halon Halon - September 28, 2008 (09:05 PM)
The requirements aren't too bad. The game's no Spore but it's no Crysis, either.

I will play the PC version (hopefully) soon. I hear it has fewer glitches, improved vehicle controls and better interface but on the downside contains DRM and SecuROM.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - September 28, 2008 (09:32 PM)
What're DRM and SecuROM or whatever you said?
Halon Halon - September 28, 2008 (11:41 PM)
SecuROM is basically a type of DRM (Digital Rights Management) that restricts how much you can use the game in order to prevent piracy. When you install the game it automatically installs the SecuROM on your computer and you can only install it 3 or 5 times max (forgot which one) and have to activate the game online after 10 days or so.

I'm against this because:

1. It doesn't work in preventing piracy. As long as one person can get past it the game will be pirated and this has not stopped anything.

2. If you purchase the game you should be able to install it as many times as you want, right? Having to call up a company and beg for more once you're out (and pray they give it to you) is super lame.

3. They install their programs on your computer so who knows what they can do from there (snoop around, etc).
Halon Halon - September 28, 2008 (11:48 PM)
A bunch of angry nerds did an Amazon protest over Spore allowing 3 installs only:


Now EA increased it to 5. Good thing I waited on purchasing this one!

Lewis Lewis - September 29, 2008 (12:33 AM)
EA's SecuRom is really annoying on the surface, but to be fair, if you phone them up with a good reason why you need more installs they will give you them. ie. if you're computer throws a wobbler and you have to format your system, call EA, and they'll add one install back onto your copy, as it's all done through the big superserver in the middle.

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