Return of the Mac (or, rather, the Windows PC)
September 08, 2008

Computer returns with a lovely clean hard-drive. After getting over the initial horror of having lost loads of reasonably half-important stuff, it's actually nice to have my 150 gigs of hard drive space back, and not to have everything cluttered around in odd places.

I'm now becoming incredibly impatient as Half-Life 2 and Source Engine stuff sluggishly download back onto my machine. 39% done after nearly 3 hours. Pain.

Sir Gary of HonestGamersVille, did you try to send me something in the post today? I was asleep when it arrived. It's being redelivered tomorrow.

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EmP EmP - September 08, 2008 (10:10 AM)
Yup, that would have been Two Worlds EPIC. Lazy bum.
Genj Genj - September 08, 2008 (11:14 AM)
Yup, that would have been Two Worlds

I'd say it was good that he missed it then! BA-DA-DUM-CHING!
Lewis Lewis - September 08, 2008 (12:08 PM)
It's Two Worlds EPIC! Note the capital letters. This must be good...

(Actually it's the enormous Two Worlds plus two expansion packs with some technical upgrades... may be a mammoth task trying to get this review done!)

I'll be up tomorrow morning, don'tcha worry. Last night involved a friend's stag do. You can't expect me to surface the morning after a stag do, can you?
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - September 08, 2008 (09:36 PM)
>_> mean you people don't have mailboxes? They can't just... leave it there for you to retrieve when you're ready? That's mildly inconvenient, I'd say. Haha. I mean, my mailbox at home is too small to hold ppackages, but they just leave the stuff on the front step/back step, so it doesn't really matter. >_>

...unless you need to sign for it... but I can't see why that'd be. I didn't need to sign for my stuff, unless it's here at school where it's delivered to the post office itself. Then again, maybe it's just different here.
Lewis Lewis - September 09, 2008 (01:29 AM)
We tend to send everything Recorded Delivery around here, just to make sure nothing gets lost and publishers don't get angry. That means they won't leave it unless they've actually seen you and got a signature, basically.

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