FEAR, Fallout and Fiddles
August 30, 2008

Fallout 3 had better not be shit.

I'm currently fighting Gary for the coverage rights when it's released. Both of us are optimistically ignoring the pre-release negativity that seems to be surrounding it, and neither of us have played the preview code yet. It's the next-gen sequel to possibly the finest 'first-gen' game in the world. It's made by Bethesda, who are consistently wonderful. Surely nothing can go wrong...

I recently found a copy of Fallout 2 that I didn't know I had. Might play that again in the meantime.

Off to a classical music concert with my girlfriend and my folks tonight, oddly. Should complement my half-hangover nicely.

Here is a review for you.

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Halon Halon - August 30, 2008 (11:01 PM)
I disagree with the score but good review (as always)!
bluberry bluberry - August 31, 2008 (12:10 AM)
stop liking FEAR or I'll have America come liberate you.
Lewis Lewis - August 31, 2008 (03:00 AM)
Ooh, exciting comments thread. Do elaborate, the both of you.

After last night's bizarre display of Britishness at this concert, I'm quite of the mindset that we could do with being liberated from ourselves.
Halon Halon - August 31, 2008 (08:07 AM)
It was exciting at first but got stale pretty fast. Bland environments and the same (initially exciting) 20 minutes recycled over and over again for 8 hours or so.

In other words I picked up that Vampire game that you reviewed. It has been getting good feedback around here so it's about time I try it out.
bluberry bluberry - August 31, 2008 (12:01 PM)
I wrote a review for the 360 version if you're interested in the longer version, and by longer I mean only 2kb long haha, but I thought the combat ruled and that the rest of the game was an absolute mess. particularly level design.

still looking forward to Project Origin, though. it could be really good. I do like some Monolith FPS games, NOLF was rad and Shogo was incredible for its time even if it holds up just as poorly as any late-90s FPS that isn't Half-Life.
Lewis Lewis - August 31, 2008 (01:45 PM)
sportsman: Patch Vampire to hell and back before you play it. If you like games for the same reason I do, then you'll find it to be marvellous. Despite its technical shortcomings, and the fact that the best bit is by far the opening 10 or so hours, I still think it stands up above every game other than HL2 from its era. I honestly think the patched version, released today with engine updates, would probably be considered one of the finest games ever.
Halon Halon - August 31, 2008 (02:49 PM)
I bought it on Steam who (supposedly) update/patch your games for you so hopefully that won't be a problem. I still need to play Crysis on delta difficulty plus a few more games so I probably won't start it for another two months or so.
Lewis Lewis - August 31, 2008 (04:08 PM)
Drop everything and play it, you spectacular fool!

If you're into Deus Ex and co, you'll be hooked within seconds.
bluberry bluberry - August 31, 2008 (05:58 PM)
from what I hear the 1.2 patch is still kind of glitchy and you should be looking into one of the fan patches going around.

feels vaguely like I've mentioned this before, but I'll still make you suffer through the repeat tip!

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