Fuck you, Ultor
August 23, 2008

I'm going to have to play through Red Faction again, after mentioning on someone's blog post the other day that Half-Life 2 is essentially a lesson in how to excel in what RF failed in. Strip it down to the core ideology: a fast-paced, story-driven first-person shooter about a rebellion against an opressive regime, with buddies to help you out on the way, created in a physics-based engine that allows you to create your own set-pieces by blowing things to smitherines. It's an identical concept at pre-pitch phase. Valve just know how to make shooters better than Volition.

Still, Red Faction's always been one of my guilty pleasures, particularly once the rubbish first hour's out of the way. In spite of its confused and confusing narrative, it actually boasts a great deal of atmosphere at times, particularly in the later stages of the game. It controls like a dream, too. Shame about the AI and the horrendously weedy pistol at the start.

It's one of those games that, whilst clearly bad, I actually really enjoyed. I've even played through it three times, making it second in repeat playthroughs only to Half-Life on my list.

"In-laws" staying here this weekend. Will blast through it again next week, when it's more acceptable to spend all day on the computer.

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