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A month past?
February 29, 2008

Well hello again all you happy gamers. I have been MIA for last month due to alot of reasons, most of which is my site, surprise! lol
So what am I doing now?
-Hhhmmm been playing Wow a good bit lately in an effort to level for Wrath of the Lich King,
-eating a McSkillet burrito atm (they rock btw!),
-got my hands on Odin Sphere (very good game and beautiful graphics, I will write a review when I get the chance)
-also been creating some AMV's as of late

Well, gtg, the might GF is calling. Did i menttion the new GF? haha
You guys are always on our minds at the site. I'll check back and update within the week.

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Heavy Workload
January 19, 2008

Wow, ok, so the last week has been crazily busy in my neck of the woods!
Forum updates, making contacts, advertising, new games to play, finding a job, building my computer, redesigning the site etc. etc......
Phew! Finally get a small break so figured I would update a little bit...Okay short and sweet that is my week..
The main thing has beendrinving me this week is getting Legacy Gaming out there in the scene but the side project that gives me relief? *gasp* A game...
Well two really, FFX (replay) and MK Armageddon (Online)..
Been getting my butt handed to me on MKO for the 2 hours that I have played it this week..more frustration...
FFX I am almost done with again..thought I would replay just because...

FFV Armageddon
January 12, 2008

Okay, hitting two games kinda heavy at the moment..MK Armageddon and FFV...

I was never a totally hardcore fan of the older series of MK (Street Fighter FTW!) but the good ol' body exploding fatalities that produce more skulls than humanly possible tended to draw you in from time to time. I like Armageddon for the same reason as well the character creator being decent for what it is, and the Konquest is fairly fun too, my only complaint is the online. They could have done a better job with the battle system, just throw in like an auto match-up feature, but it is free so hey, I can dig it! :) I am currently working on getting everything unlocked and beating konquest mode. Should have that done in next couple of days, not that much to it really from what I can tell.

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Hawk fan for life! But then again...
January 08, 2008

Saw the Skate ad on the front page and it got me thinkin...
I played the demo of skate up at GameStop the other day and it is pretty wicked..alot more control than the Hawk series...
Proving Ground is good, it added a little more to the series...but my allegiance will lie with the Hawkman series for now...mainy for memories!
Grinding was always the easiest part for me, and the funnest aside from playing as Freddy Krueger with double moon physics on! hehe classic...

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January 06, 2008

Recently obtained a copy of Persona 2 and I havent played much into yet. But the little that I have played into it is pretty decent. Gives me of feel of a Diablo-engine run anime crime mystery. Which is a different change of pace for me. Maybe I will like it, I will report back in when I get at least halfway through it.
I also recently got a new AGP video card for my computer whenever I get it built. ATI Radeon X1300, seems pretty good for the price and it is supposed to have some serious power and shading capability. Can anyone recommend it?

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Tekken 5 Online
January 04, 2008

A long time friend of mine came down to visit recently and brought his PS3 with him as well a downloaded copy of Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, which was a great port of the arcade. Playing online is such an eye-opener to the notion of "there is always somebody better than you". lol
I got my butt handed to me by 3 different players within a 20 minute time period alone, though admittedly i have never been that great at Tekken to start with. But, just goes to show that world-wide the diversity of gamers everywhere is grand!
We hooked up the PS3 through the DVI port on the back of the TV and i gotta say the clarity was awesome. We were gonna try the HDMI set-up but to no avail due to no HDMI on the back of the TV, fighting never looked so good, especially the girls. *drool*

New Year
January 01, 2008

Ah, a brand new year, brand new systems...I have made a resolution to have a PS3 by the end of Feb. lol Might sound silly as a resolution but truth be told, I have been trying to save up for one for about 3 months. But, i always end up spending the maoney that I have saved on somehitng frivalous like cards for magic online or some new armor for Guild Wars. So, this time I am goin' all the way baby! Happy New Year to all!

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