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JoeTheDestroyer JoeElDestroyer

Obviously, if I have a profile on this site, it means that I play video games. I also happen to write, and the two have made a harmonious combination for a hobby. I mainly write FAQs and reviews, and *try* to stick to one of these categories:

-RPG and non-linear adventure games
-Anything with horror or b-movie elements
-Anything unique, obscure, or just plain weird

Sounds broad, but it also means you probably won't see a Super Mario Bros. 3 review from me any time soon.

Title: November Update
Posted: November 08, 2010 (04:14 AM)
-New Super Castlevania IV Boss FAQ on the way out.

-Proofreading my Clash at Demonhead FAQ/Walkthrough.

-Working on revamped reviews for Silent Hill and Clash at Demonhead.

-I have a brand spanking new review I've written that's almost done. I'm actually afraid to submit it, not because it's that good, but because it's something I've never done before. Either I'll be told not to do it again, or I'll receive some praise for it. It's for Dragon's Curse on TG16.

aschultzUser: aschultz
Title: Re: November Update
Posted: November 08, 2010 (10:03 AM)
Well, it was worth trying, and it got accepted--and I had fun just browsing through it. But I can't offer any in-depth criticism.

Maybe it's the sort of thing you can't do all the time, but you shouldn't stop it from letting you have fun. Maybe you'll find a new way to experiment the next time. Glad you had the guts to post it.

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