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Title: 2011 in gaming
Posted: January 16, 2011 (05:44 AM)
There's probably already been a topic like this, but what upcoming games will you almost certainly buy when they come out?

Here's my list:

1. Hard Corps Uprising
2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
4. Rage
5. Batman: Arkham City

Title: Make your own Dreamcast Collection!
Posted: January 15, 2011 (05:23 AM)
Because clearly Sega can't be trusted to do it properly.

1. Jet Set Radio
2. Shenmue
3. Sonic Adventure 2
4. Dynamite Cop

Unlockable Extras:
1. Cosmic Smash
2. Shenmue II
3. Rez HD

Title: splatterhouse
Posted: December 05, 2010 (04:07 AM)
I think there was a thread about this game, but I can't find it now. Is it worth getting? I'm looking for something short and fun to play over the Christmas period between Halo matchmaking.
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Title: Gamertags
Posted: July 24, 2010 (03:00 AM)
So I bought one of those fancy new slim xbox 360s.

I need gamertags. Mine's timayre

Posted: June 20, 2010 (04:17 AM)
Today's World Cup bet:

Paraguay to win
Italy to win
Ivory Coast to win

I stand to make the massive sum of 16

World Cup winnings so far = -2.50
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Posted: June 19, 2010 (02:34 AM)



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Posted: June 01, 2010 (02:51 PM)
Does anyone here use or know anything about IPREDator?
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Posted: May 24, 2010 (10:46 AM)
Another Wii related question: which is the best component cable? Normally I would just buy the official one, but it's so expensive. Does anyone know if the cheaper ones stack up? Does anyone even play the Wii in fake HD?! I never really thought much about HD gaming, but going from a HD enabled 360 to a Wii makes me realise how wide the gap is in terms of picture quality. Hopefully 480p will close the gap slightly.
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Posted: May 23, 2010 (03:18 PM)
So I bought a Wii. Here's my list of games to buy:

House of the Dead 2 and 3
House of the Dead: Overkill
New Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2
No More Heroes 1 and 2
Metroid Prime Trilogy
NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Mad World
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (on Wii or Gamecube?)
Mario Kart Wii
Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing
Metal Slug Anthology

These are the GameCube games I want to play:
F-Zero GX
Resident Evil 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and Code Veronica
Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Ocarina of Time Master Quest
Eternal Darkness
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Any other suggestions?

Posted: April 12, 2010 (07:04 AM)
I tried to write my Reader's Choice Contest review last week, but I couldn't think of anything interesting to say. Sorry.

Here's what I've been watching/playing instead:


I saw Slumdog Millionaire on Film Four last week. I was vaguely aware of all the Oscar-driven hype surrounding this film, but I never saw it at the cinema so I thought I would make the effort to see what all the fuss was about.

It's an entertaining film that moves at a very fast pace and has a great soundtrack. Pretty much a typical Danny Boyle movie. Using Who Wants to be a Millionaire as a structure for the narrative is a great idea because A: it's unique and B: it allows the film to jump quickly between lots of different set-piece scenarios.

Although Boyle tries to be brutal in his portrayal of the suffering endured by slum dwellers, Slumdog is ultimately not designed to be a political statement in the same way that Trainspotting was. This raises questions of authenticity, but I found it easy to enjoy Slumdog as a British film by a British filmaker. Obviously not a wholly accurate representation of Indian culture, but a slick, stylish production that tells a rags-to-riches story that is designed to appeal and relate to a global audience.

Whether this is morally "right" is another question. Salman Rushdie didn't approve, but I made it to the end of Slumdog Millionaire, which is a lot more than I can say for Midnight's Children. It's fantasy, but it's a fantasy that's easy to watch and get caught up in.


Cave have released an iPhone version of ESPgaluda II. It's an excellent port that goes out of its way to make the experience as enjoyable and customisable for iPhone owners as possible. There is an iPhone mode, an Arcade mode, you can change the screen size, determine the position of the buttons of the screen, adjust the difficulty, limit the attack options to make the gameplay as simple or as complex as you life... the degree of customisation is certainly impressive, especially given the 2.99 price.

I have no clue how the scoring system works, though. I've never played a Cave shmup before, but seems a lot more complicated than the Psykio scoring systems. Any ideas?


I was getting pretty tired of David Tennant. His Doctor had become arrogant, cocky and generally unlikeable. I don't think this was Russell Davies's intention; just a natural outcome of the fact that Tennant's Doctor could do no wrong in the eyes of the British public. I also think that the writing itself was running out of places to go, which resulted in stories that were slightly ridiculous and lacking in any real depth.

After two episodes of the new series the change in Doctor and head writer (Stephen Moffat) have definitely improved the show. Matt Smith's Doctor is a throwback to Tom Baker: eccentric and unpredictable but deadly serious when necessary. Moffat seems to be initiating a change in the tone of the show, too. The first two episodes have been a lot scarier than what we've come to expect from Doctor Who since it was resurrected.

There's a long way to go in this series, but so far it all seems pretty exciting. What was great about Saturday's episode was that Matt Smith's Doctor got it wrong, which never happened much when David Tennant was Doctor. Amy Pond, the new companion, saved the day. It was full of traditional Doctor Who scares, ethical dilemmas and sci-fi nonsense as well. In fact, there was almost too much content for 60 minutes. It would have been even better as an old-school seven part serial!

The Daily Mail aren't as impressed by the new series, though. Apparently it's "too sexy" because Karen Gillan wears a short skirt in the opening episode. It was pretty short, but I'm not sure that's anything to complain about.
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Posted: December 20, 2009 (01:46 PM)
UK Christmas Number 1 is... Killing in the Name!
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Posted: December 16, 2009 (06:33 AM)
Modest Mouse: Shepherd's Bush Empire, 13/12/09

King Rat
Bury Me With It
Missed The Boat
Fire It Up
Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
Here It Comes
The View
3rd Planet
We've Got Everything
Gravity Rides Everything
Parting Of The Sensory
Paper Thin Walls

Custom Concern
Satin In A Coffin
Dance Hall
The Whale Song

It was an OK performance. The four songs from Moon and Antarctica were really good, the rest: not so much. Most of the audience were disappointed they didn't play Float On. I was disappointed that there were ZERO songs from Lonesome Crowded West. Not even Doin the Cockroach, which they play all the time. Listening to songs from Good News and We Were Dead live made me realise that actually I don't really enjoy those albums very much.

In other news, I can't go and see Pavement when they're over here. This annoys me.
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Title: Modern Warfare 2 hype.
Posted: November 07, 2009 (04:50 AM)
The retail struggle to sell the most copies of MW2 is starting to look a bit silly.

GAME, HMV and Gamestation have already halved the price (or better) if you trade in selected games at the same time. In Gamestation you can get it for 4.99 if you trade in two recent titles. This has lead to people buying two copies of Overlord for 10 on some Internet site, making the net price of MW2 24.99. So if you want a preowned copy of Overlord then Gamestation will have a shelf full of them!

By advertising these eye-catching pre-release promotions, the video game shops are clearly trying to avoid a repeat of the FIFA 10 situation. For those who don't live in the UK, when FIFA 10 was released ASDA (a supermarket) dropped the price from about 40 to 25 for the weekend. This started a slightly surreal supermarket price war (Tesco dropped the price to 23.67 or some equally ridiculous figure). I read somewhere that the wholesale cost of FIFA 10 was 36, so the traditional retailers obviously couldn't keep up with this price war.

It remains to be seen what the supermarkets will price MW2 at. I think the wholesale cost of the game is more expensive than FIFA 10, so they might not be able to go below 25. But in terms of hype this is potentially the biggest game of the year. For Tesco, the loss incurred from selling MW2 at 25 is not even going to scratch their overall weekly profit.

To add to the confusion, the Royal Mail are in the middle of a union dispute that may result in strikes (we've had two already, one with little advance warning). Originally there was supposed to be a strke this weekend, but it was called off at the last minute. Game retailers who were concerned with fulfilling pre-orders had sent MW2 out early to try and make the 10th November release date. When the strike was called off the shops had to contact the Royal Mail and request that they hold onto all the copies of MW2. However, given the efficiency/incompetence (you choose) of the Royal Mail, some happy gamers have already received their copy of MW2. I wonder if this counts as breaking embargo? I suppose it does, but I doubt Activision will do anything. They're probably too busy counting the money.

It's quite an amusing situation because everyone is clearly struggling to be the No. 1 MW2 seller. I wonder if US retailers are showing the same sort of desperation?
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Posted: August 08, 2009 (05:11 AM)
Does anyone here know anything about noun phrases?

In the following sentence, have I correctly identified the noun phrases (the phrases between brackets)?

About half-way between (West Egg) and (New York), (the motor road) hastily joins (the railroad) and runs beside (it) for (a quarter of a mile, so as to shrink away from a certain desolate area of land).
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Posted: August 06, 2009 (03:22 AM)
Space Invaders Infinity Gene

The iPhone now has a killer-app. Next on the list of games to review: Doom Resurrection.

Does anyone else on HG own an iPhone, or am I writing for a non-existent audience?
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