Cheat Codes in Grand Theft Auto 5: A Crash Course
April 27, 2017

In spite of its age, Grand Theft Auto 5 is a title that just canít stop growing. Content, sales, active playerbase Ė itís all increasing. While GTA Online is the main attraction it seems, plenty of the new blood are taking the dive into the gameís story mode. New players mean inexperienced players, so itís safe to assume that a large chunk of them donít know how to activate cheats in the game, or even that it has cheats.

Those of you who are familiar with the work of Rockstar will know that the team likes to use cheats for a different purpose than what is the norm. Usually, cheats are used in games to make things easier for the player and trivialize any challenge. Of course these kinds of cheats are frequently frowned upon, as is their use, however in GTA 5, things are different. Sure, you have a few of these standard cheats, however the majority can be used to augment your gameplay experience.

Instead of making things easier, the cheats activate various mechanics or effects that wouldnít fit into the tone or feel of the game as regular features, but were too entertaining to leave out. The game boasts a large library of cheats to pick and choose from, and they can be mixed as multiple cheats may be active at any given time.

Depending on which platform youíre playing on, the method of entering the cheats differs. GTA 5 was released across five different platforms in three waves, and each wave changed something when it comes to cheat activation, albeit the first two are fairly similar.

Players on the past-gen systems, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, will be relying on the tried and true system of button combinations. The age old cheat activation method sees a string of button combinations linked to each effect, and pressing the correct sequence of buttons in quick succession will activate the desired cheat. This isnít done in a separate menu or prompt, just tap in the cheat during regular gameplay and youíll be golden. Make sure to check which platformís cheats you looked up first, as the codes differ.

When the Enhanced Edition dropped for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, a new way to activate cheats was introduced. The previous button combo method was still around, and the same codes could be used on the newer systems, however players now had the chance to activate cheats via the in-game cellphone. Each cheat had a phone number associated with it that you had to call. One upside was that you actually saw what youíre dialling, so you wouldnít make mistakes, however there were more hoops you had to jump through making the process longer. That said, the redial function allowed for the quick access of your favorite cheat.

When the game was finally released on the PC, the phone method made a return, however the button combinations were no longer present. Instead, another ancient and revered method of cheat activation was called upon: the legendary developer console. Summoned with the magical powers of the tilde (~) key, the developer console allows players to enter strings. Instead of a button combination, each cheat has a phrase linked to it which activates the effect when typed into the console.

GTA 5 is packed to bursting with content anyway, however after youíve spent the hundred or so hours needed to max out all the activities, remember that the cheats are still there to offer you a wholly different and fresh experience within the same masterfully crafted digital world.

You can find all the cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto 5 at the aptly named


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