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Posted: September 14, 2006 (02:14 PM)
In memory of the cool Praise/BASH tournmey we held years back, here is the last PRAISE and BASH e-mail I have reciewved from my fanbase.


Dear Emp,

First off, awesome job on your guide pertaining to the best equipment for each character in Legend of Dragoon. Before I read your guide, I was the ultamate pwnasaur knob, choosing almost instantly Kongol over Meru, dissing on Shana/Miranda at every turn, and, of course, having the perfect "noob" team throughout much of the game (as stated in your guide, Dart, Rose, and Albert). I had actually taken time to save up for an Ultimate Wargod for Al(at the beggining of the game mind you, in the Home of the Gigantos), thinking his final addition was going to be so hard that I'd likely puke before actually completing it. And, unfortunately, I bought it, and now am thinking about selling the damned thing at a loss of 5,000 gold. Even when I bought it I had the ominous feeling that I was being a moron.

Now, make no mistake, I know you probably have no interest in reading up on some random player, who, by happenstance started playing his childhood RPG favorite (Well, I guess it wasn't THAT long ago, but I like to think I've come along since then) after 5 years of looking the other way. This is by all means a digital handshake, a bow, a thank you from a fellow LoD enthusiast. And also an apology for my hiddeous grammar. Please forgive, I usually have a way with words. We'll just say that I'm babbling, in awe of your greatness. :-p

Send me some feedback, just for the satisfaction that you recieved my mail and I'm not mailing to an out of date address. (billy.schock@gmail.com)

Again, many thanks

~Some random noob.

See? I rock!


Hi there,
My name is Kourtney and I would like to tell you this about Silent Hill 4.It's the best silent hill game I've ever played.Sure it's hard and everything but that's where the fun is.I think it's great that Konami did something new for Silent Hill 4.I have played all 3 Silent Hills and they are good too.What do you mean by the way of waste pontial? I think it's a great sequel and what I've seen so far it's scarier than the first 3.Resident Evil series is good also but Silent Hill is known to be scarier.I've heard bad things about Silent Hill 4:The Room.I haven't beat it just yet but I can't wait until I see the ending.Sure this time around you are not in the town but each sequel should be different.Being able to play somewhere different is a nice change of pace.Silent Hill 2 is about the same as the original because you are in Silent Hill.What I liked about Silent Hill 3 is that it's different than the first 2.What makes this one interesting is that it's connected with Silent Hill 2.If you remember the name William Sullivan? His name is mentioned in Silent Hill 2 but you don't see him.You'll finally see him in this one.

I'm not sure what I'm being told or if my review is beinag attacked - argghh! Translation welcome.

silverishnessUser: silverishness
Posted: September 15, 2006 (09:17 AM)
I'm pretty sure she's trying to tell you that she doesn't like your opinion of Silent Hill 4. She does, however, seem to like 3, and didn't really like 2 because it was the same as 1. I haven't had to read Retard in quite a while, so I'm a bit rusty.

Poeple who write like thaat should be dragged out to the street and shot.

goldenvortexUser: goldenvortex
Posted: November 14, 2006 (03:37 PM)
It's a bear! And it's driving a car?! That makes no sense!

wolfqueen001User: wolfqueen001
Title: You asked for a translation?
Posted: January 05, 2007 (10:29 AM)
She basically said she liked the game. That's about it. That and she thought your review was full of crap. Of course, she never said that, but she implied it. That's what I got out of it, anyway.

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