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Posted: March 27, 2011 (02:01 PM)
Venetica: Opened up all of Venice, which is huge, and just sailed off to the African nation. Which is tiny. Really starting to dig the game as it pulls into the final stretch. It actually does levelling combat well; even though you're always upgrading your stats and picking up better arnour and weapons, the main reason you're able to beat tougher fights are because you have to get better at the game.

Then I found that wasn't true at all. I'd just forgotten to manually spend my upgrade points after each level up.

Alan Wake: I'm having to take a break from Wake before I become so sick of trees that I attack them in everyday life.

Red Dead Redmeption -- Undead Nightmare: Reallyt well done. Zombies xcan only be dropped with perfect headshots making the bullet-time like Dead Eye a life saver. Undead Nightmare is brilliant; it has survivalk horror down perfect by making you scrounge and bveg for bullets then makes you feel for evey shot you miss. It's touching, horrifing and still makes time to poke fun at the genre it apes so succesfully.

Kane & Lynch 2: Right at the back end of this game now and I'm really digging it. Ran trhough in hard moide right off the bat which may have something to do with it, but the co-oping transforms the game, too. It's a really depressing, brutal game, using cheap hand-cam POV's, purposfully bad focus and lens flares for kicks and giggles

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