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Title: The best anime never made.
Posted: April 22, 2009 (05:32 PM)

wolfqueen001User: wolfqueen001
Posted: April 22, 2009 (06:51 PM)
Haha. I've seen that before like years ago. I can't remember who showed me, though. Might've been my brother. Or maybe it was you and this is just a revisitation of sorts. It honestly wasn't as funny this time around. Oh, well.

EmPUser: EmP
Posted: April 23, 2009 (01:57 AM)
Probably me. I first saw this videoa ages ago then forgot it exsited until DE made some throwaway comment that reminded me of it.

darketernalUser: darketernal
Posted: April 24, 2009 (06:07 AM)
Popeye would be considered overpowered even in anime world where blowing up planets is a must to be considered moderately strong.

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