An Area 88 (Brief) Episode Guide
June 25, 2010


Area 88 is a Japanese anime about Area 88, which is a secret mercenary encampment. There is only one Japanese pilot there. He is the best

A Japanese photographer arrives and takes photos which makes lots of people angry. The pilot and the photographer hate each other until they form begrudging respect because of EXTREME photo taking.


Boris is introduced as the best pilot in Area 88.

Boris “I am strong, but secretly remorseful despite the openness I display this remorse with”

Boris is called a God of Death, allowing the anime to say Shinigami at least one ever two sentences (seriously).

Boris dies.


Japanese pilot shoots down a transport plane. Everyone looks for it thinking it’s full of gold.

It’s not.


Japanese pilot is shot down. His plane explodes and he is very sad.

Has a flashback. Best friend betrayed him. Girlfriend has pink hair.


Kitori arrives. She is a GIRL and this surprises EVERYONE.

Even more surprisingly, she isn’t instantly killed.


Japanese pilot’s friend/betrayer flies his passenger plane into military airspace because he loves deus ex machina. The two see each other, and prelude to a lot of angsting.

Girlfriend pines. Still has pink hair.


AREA 88 “Indian kid sucks!”

Indian kid uses harrier plane to blow up bombers

AREA 88 “Indian kid is our hero!”


There is a sniper. He kills unnamed people.

The sniper is later killed by the people with names.


New characters are introduced. They’re not given names and might as well be wearing red shirts. They all die. Named characters all mope then eat scrambled eggs in their memory.


Obligatory American pilot (equipped with pompadour hairdo) fights a friend who is a mercenary in the opposing army.

Friend is killed. American waxes philosophy. Scores lucky goal in World Cup.


Japanese pilot has served his contract and is ready to go home. He’s shot, damaged, and crashes. CLIFFHANGER ENDING! Will he die?



BONUS AREA 88 FACT: In 1989, the original Manga for Area 88 received its only video game adaptation. It was later ported for English-speaking shores and renamed UN Squadron. For no reason whatsoever! The Manga’s cast survived the localisation.

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zigfried zigfried - June 26, 2010 (06:27 AM)
Sweet summary.

Also of note:

Back in the really early 90s, there was another anime adaptation -- and actually quite a better one, if strikingly "old". It was oppressively morbid and could still easily be mocked, but in less cliche ways (as it was itself a less cliche anime).

Some of the music from that anime made it into the video game.

Masters Masters - September 09, 2010 (09:48 AM)
The old version was much, much better. Zig's right--it was depressing and morbid, but it had great, dramatic episode titles: BLUE SKIES OF BETRAYAL, and THE REQUIREMENTS OF WOLVES, and so on.

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