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Title: Micro Machines
Posted: October 16, 2005 (08:11 AM)
All in all, if this latest version of Micro Machines proves anything, it is that games cannot live on nostalgia alone. Perhaps some excuse can be found in the fact that it was Infograme's first shot at the series that CodeMasters did so well for so many years, or perhaps it is just another case of a series finally running out of steam. Either way, sadly, Micro Machines is to bare thread for fans of the earlier games, and suffers from too many flaws to draw people new in.

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Title: Fifa '06
Posted: October 15, 2005 (11:59 AM)
You have the ball again, and you waste no time. Hitting the right buttons on your pad makes your fellow team-mates surge forwards as fast as their little legs will carry them. Giggs has already blitzed past his marker, and you sail the ball over to him. With a squeeze of the shoulder trigger to inject even more pace into his run, you're away! You avoid a desperate sliding tackle by flicking the ball up on your instep and hopping over the extended leg and find yourself in the penalty box. Rather than go for glory, you square the ball back across the goal mouth where Rooney awaits you. The barrel-chested ogre has an easy tap in. 2-1 with 87 minutes gone. You are pleased.

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Title: Fahrenheit
Posted: October 15, 2005 (11:58 AM)
Do you run out into the diner, still panicky and covered in blood, to throw yourself at the mercy of the off-duty cop who had stopped in for a quick coffee before he goes home? Do you attempt to sneak out the fire escape at the back of the eatery without being detected? Or do you take the time to hide the body and murder weapon and clean yourself and the scene up as much as you can before returning to your table to finish your meal? Whatever choices you make, even the most seemingly insignificant, will have ramifications later on. So select your path carefully and quickly!

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Title: 3 Ninjas Kick Back
Posted: October 15, 2005 (11:57 AM)
With all the talk of martial arts tournaments, it would be understandable to expect something vaguely resembling a Street Fighter-esque one-on-one fighter -- something that allows you to progress round-by-round through a competition, sparring aggressively with numerous rivals and foes until you reach the final fight where you vie for what looks all the world like an overly shiny steak knife. If that was the assumption you've gleamed, you would be mistaken. 3 Ninjas is one of those games; the most feared and despised software this side of Mario Party 256 - The Gimmick Won't Die. It's a lacking movie tie-in based on a pretty crap film to begin with.

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Title: KISS Psyhco Circus
Posted: October 15, 2005 (11:56 AM)
That same wonderful someone also thought it would be a super idea to give this game a Satanic undertone so camp it would make Elton John feel manly. The feisty Nightmare Child, you see, is preparing to destroy the world from the comfy confines of his demonic womb. And the only people who can stop this fiendish foetus are the four members of the band Wicked Jester, all runner-ups in some small-scale KISS lookalike competition. Obvioulsy because playing the keyboard and looking like a prat also means you can wield heavy weaponry and destroy hellspawns. How else do you think they beat off groupies and keep road agents in line?

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Title: Brian Lara's Cricket
Posted: October 15, 2005 (11:55 AM)
Imagine, if you will, standing aside the wicket with willow in hand while charging down the crease at some speed comes a pace bowler. The ball is pitched off-stump, and you take a swing at it. Time your strike to early and risk catching an edge that will be easily collected by the awaiting slips. Too late, and you could miss the ball all together, giving it the chance to whip your bails out of the ground. Either way, poorly timed shots may lead to you tucking your bat under your arm and taking the long walk to the pavilion. Something that Lara's Cricket captures to perfection.

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Title: Bio Hazard Battle
Posted: October 15, 2005 (11:53 AM)
On the surface, this brave statement is not supported by the player's initial decision on which of the four insectile-looking craft they get to choose from, but those looking deeper will find more than their unique appearances separating them. Each intergalactic harbinger of doom utilises power-ups in its own way, some morphing everyday laser beams into devastating solar-charges that effortlessly disintegrate all in their path, while others take a substandard spiracle shot and transform it into a star-bursting eight-way beam that literally covers the screen in pulsating rays of plasma fire.

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