July 16, 2010

I've been playing some DeathSpank over the last couple days and have come to the conclusion that it's either an obvious Ron Gilbert vanity project or the best Diablo-type game made specifically for consoles in several years (a few qualifiers there).

It's decent, either way.

I like the Animal Crossing-like look to the game world and there have been at least a couple funny lines, just not $15 worth at this point. DeathSpank definitely has that same odd style going for it as Hothead's Penny Arcade Adventures episodes in the way it spends a lot of time making fun of the games it emulates but doesn't go out of its way to break free of any of the game conventions it's mocking.

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True True - July 16, 2010 (11:56 AM)
I downloaded the demo for this, and though I enjoyed it I've played my share of Overlord and Medieval so I get bored with them, unless they bring something new. I didn't really find it there in the demo version. Am I missing out on anything?
Calvin Calvin - July 22, 2010 (12:16 AM)
I don't think you're missing anything. Beyond the value I noticed upfront, there really hasn't been anything exciting or game-changing going on. The art style and occasional funny lines are almost good enough to recommend it, but there's something missing in the gameplay which both Torchlight and Diablo got right in tems of providing incentive to play for long stretches of time.

It's too bad, though,I was expecting more from a Ron Gilbert game from Hothead. I hope they'll pick up work on the Penny Arcade Adventure games again soon.

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