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Looking for: games about depression
February 07, 2016

This might seem like a weird request, but I'm looking for games that touch on depression.

It can be games where it is the central focus (Actual Sunlight, Elude), games which include at least one character who is depressed (Life Is Strange), or games where depression is a mechanic (This War of Mine).

Can be indie, AAA, or anything in between.

I'm basically looking into how video games have portrayed this serious topic in my spare time.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


Interesting games I played in January
February 01, 2016


A group of teenagers holidaying on an island come across a ghostly rift. Let’s open it. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

There’s a lot that I enjoyed about this supernatural thriller. Oxenfree is simple at its core – with a tight focus on its narrative. You essentially only do three things on the island: talk, walk, and tuning into radio frequencies to communicate with ghosts.

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Top tens and how Mario 64 is proving the exception
December 04, 2015

People talking about their personal top tens got me thinking about my own - but actually coming up with a list has proved more difficult than I expected. I'm not really a nostalgic person, and I very rarely replay games. I'm the same with TV and movies; I like to experience them once and then move on.

I had this week off work, so I revisited a few which I once considered among my favourites - but most struggled to hold my attention. Obviously a large part of it is how much they have aged. If nostalgia were a bigger thing for me, I'm sure I'd be able to tolerate some of the more archaic aspects considerably better.

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Four nights, four gigs
November 28, 2015

Four nights, four gigs.The original intention was to make it a full Monday to Friday, but I couldn't find anything of interest in London on Monday 23 (noo thanks, Vaccines).I wanted to write some quick words while it's fresh on my mind. So yeah.Tuesday 24 - Of Monsters and MenThis show surprised me. I mean, I enjoy the Icelandic band's music, but they're not among my top artists by any stretch. Yet, their tracks translated really well onto the stage (a very strong setlist) and the crowd had a great time. And I loved that the best song on the night was something I couldn't have predicted ('Lakehouse'). The gig turned out to be one of my favourites this year.Highlights: 'Winter Sound', 'Hunger', 'Lakehouse', 'Little Talks', 'Dirty Paws'Wednesday 25 - Hannah Trigwell

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