EarthBound thoughts
July 07, 2008

I have a long history with the cute, quirky gem that is... EarthBound.

Playing it when I was 10 years old, in the throat of childhood, was a magical experience. All the characters in the game had their own life that they were leading, and it gave me a sense of adventure as a little runt kid.

First a meteorite falling into the hill above my house. Then a bee from the sky telling me that I was the chosen one, a robotic man (known as the starmen) coming from 10 years in the future to stop Buzz-Buzz. The early death to the hero Buzz-Buzz of another timeline, when he is smashed by Ness' next door neighbor's wife. Showing that his bee form was not as strong as he had expected.

The weight of these events on Ness' shoulders, and acquiring the soundstone from Buzz-Buzz to gather up the melodies of 8 sanctuary spots to gain the power of the world. It was a journey I was gleed to take.

Anyhow, I've been playing EarthBound a bunch lately. Most of the reason being that, the huge "cult" community that follows EarthBound, has been having events to play the game. Speedrun attempts and the anual EarthBound Funktastic Summer Gameplay which I am half particpating in this year. Also, introducing a friend to the game recently has had me enjoying EarthBound again and again!

I was just listening to the Pink Cloud music from EarthBound and thinking about it and all and decided to write up this here post.

If you haven't played EarthBound (For the SNES,) I recommend playing it asap. Keep in mind, is finishing up the Mother 3 translation, which I am very excited for as a Mother fan.


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EmP EmP - July 07, 2008 (02:45 PM)
I have never played Earthbound. Convince me I should!
Aquas Aquas - July 07, 2008 (03:15 PM)

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