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Killzone 3 (PlayStation 3) artwork

Killzone 3 (PlayStation 3) review

""Call out if you see him, the guy in heavy gear/ Check the rear spawn, he was last seen there He has a mean stare but you won't see when he cloaks/ Good luck on your mission, and watch your back folks""

(The Fog of War)

[communication relay scrape]
Attention: all units, attention all units.
Mandatory field alert, there's an infiltrator in our base
I repeat, all units, there's an infiltrator in our base
He's armed with knife, a knife and a sack of c4
Proceed with caution, watch your backs fellas
He could be coming to cut your head off next.

There's a joker on the loose from the main Helghan horde
Watch out for the red glow and what he's aiming toward
He's armed and dangerous don't be fooled by your eyes
There's another weapon hidden on his back, it's all lies
Call out if you see him, the guy in heavy gear
Check the rear spawn, he was last seen there
He has a mean stare but you won't see when he cloaks
Good luck on your mission, and watch your back folks

I make you think you're a backstabber
Hit a blue dot from the back, I make you think you're a backstabber
&%¤#ing Hig roach (&%¤# &%# AAAHHHRRH!)
(Stay away from him) he's no &%#ing good!

[relay communication]
We got our bluetooth mics to keep us informed
Suited up head to toe in military uniforms
The unit storms in, covering the sectors
Locking down the map, putting down the wall hackzors
Protectors and make sure that you stand close
Guard the forward spawn point up here everything goes
Still %¤#ing most of all be aware that he's wise
He could be disguised as one of our very own guys

I make you think you're a backstabber.
Stay awake, dog, I make you think you're a backstabber
(Run the &%#¤ away) he's too &%#!ng good!

relay communication]
Alpha team, on a mission to take him down personally
To settle the score here and slit his throat carefully
For what he did to me first
To slate the blood-thirst
Tracing his footsteps down in the snowdraft
While keeping an ear out for the non-stop adolescent sass
Then marching him back up here with my gun up his &&%
Suddenly I hear a Hig voice sound in the distance
"Give up now, with your futile resistance".

I make you think you're a backstabber.
Keep on your toes, I make you think you're a backstabber.
Shoot the &%¤ing target! (It's too late for you now)
(Run for the hills!) He's too ******* good!

I followed his voice down the back of our base
Somehow he's managed to sneak all the way there
To his secret spot without leaving a trace
I feel a draft on my face, and then the lights flare
The bullets hit somewhere, I feel warmth on my neck
My life flashes for a while across the side stretch
I'm all alone here, there are no allies for several leagues
But then my hand felt the handle of the knife in my fatigues

I make you a f&%¤#ing backstabber.
On your knees, dog, I make you think you're a backstabber.
(&%#% shoot the %¤&%rd) Shoot everything that moves!
(Stay away, man. This is no good).

When dealing with a Hig there is one thing I've learned
They're only tough as long as you have you back turned
And there's no law in this place but the law of the strong
No matter what I do there's no telling that I'm wrong
It's the song of the war drowning the screams and the tears
So mother&%¤ing what if I have a necklace full of ears
They come apart as easy on them as when cut loose on us
We're all the same, &%¤# it all, we just have more finesse

You're a &%¤#ing backstabber.
Stand back, I'll make you think you're a backstabber.
Kill them all (you bloody backstabber).
Stay away from that guy. He's no &%#¤ing good.


(Thanks to eminem and asherdeus).


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Community review by fleinn (February 22, 2011)

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