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Star Fox Adventures (GameCube) artwork

Star Fox Adventures (GameCube) review

"Zelda light: This game, while technically excellent is far from being Rares best work. "

Zelda light: This game, while technically excellent is far from being Rares best work.

Control wise you couldn't ask for better or easier controls. I don't think it is any different than the control scheme used in the Zelda games in the N64.

Graphically this game is amazing. Textures are flawless and lighting is excellent. Water looks like it could short out your TV. Fox McLoud's fur is amazingly realistic and the level designs are tremendously well done and beautiful.

The music in this game was very well done. I know that I never got tired of it. The Sound effects were all very well done as was the voice acting. Actually the voice acting in any Rare game seems to be top notch. Add in a talking statue with a Scottish accent and you almost can't lose.

All this being said the game was less than a thrill. Unlike most RPG's this game was extremely linear to the point that I felt like I was committing to an exercise in logic more than playing a game. Everything had to be done in a very specific order, or so it seemed, before anything else could be accomplished. I guess you could say that you really have no will in this game.

When I said that this was Zelda light above I meant it. This is almost exactly zelda but with a different hero and less imagination than any Rare game I have ever played. The puzzles are ridiculously easy to solve and the bosses are almost no challenge to beat. More than anything the bosses are time consuming.

This installment of the Fox McCloud story was truly disapointing. Nonetheless, this game is enjoyable and worth a play. Just don't expect it to be up to Rares, usually, incredible standards. Oh, and either buy it used or rent it for 3 days.

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Community review by bastaard (November 27, 2002)

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