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Hook (ARC) game cover art
Platform: Arcade
Genre: Fighting Action (Brawler)
Developer: Irem


Hook (Arcade) screenshotHook (Arcade) screenshotHook (Arcade) screenshot

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Reader Reviews

Hook review

Reviewed October 18, 2010

JoeTheDestroyer says: "Hook is a very awkward game to judge. It's one that beckons to you even though you think in the back of your head that it will be another wretched movie-game plagued by myriad cliches and wonky controls. But you can't stop looking at the thing. No matter what you play, you find yourself stealing glances at it. You can't toss quarters into it for fear that those precious coins your mom gave you to get you of her hair will be wasted. You won't even risk one. Yet, no matter how many rounds of..."
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