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PlayStation Game Reviews

The newest PlayStation game reviews available on the site are listed on this page. You can search the database for additional reviews by browsing alphabetically according to game title, or feel free to check review listings for additional systems.

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Armored Core (PlayStation) artwork

Armored Core review (PlayStation)

Reviewed November 08, 2014

Jeremy Davis says: "Armored Core is the kind of game you either love or hate."
Germ's avatar
Tomb Raider II (PlayStation) artwork

Tomb Raider II review (PlayStation)

Reviewed September 16, 2014

Jeremy Davis says: "To get to where you need to go you'll be doing running jumps, backflips, wall-hangs, and all the other good stuff you remember. It's just that now, nearly every opened door will result in a firefight."
Germ's avatar
Tomb Raider (PlayStation) artwork

Tomb Raider review (PlayStation)

Reviewed September 07, 2014

Jeremy Davis says: "For a time, it seemed that Lara Croft was poised to take her place among the likes of Pac-Man and the Nintendo pantheon as an icon who transcended gaming and became truly mainstream."
Germ's avatar
Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation) artwork

Metal Gear Solid review (PlayStation)

Reviewed September 05, 2014

Gary Hartley says: "Stuck somewhere between awkward social commentary and a one-series war against interactivity. "
EmP's avatar
Tail of the Sun (PlayStation) artwork

Tail of the Sun review (PlayStation)

Reviewed March 24, 2014

JoeTheDestroyer says: "An open world that should remain closed"
JoeTheDestroyer's avatar
Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation) artwork

Final Fantasy IX review (PlayStation)

Reviewed July 01, 2013

holdthephone says: "In all of its pretty, purposeful pastiche, it forgets it needs to be something playable."
holdthephone's avatar
Silent Hill (PlayStation) artwork

Silent Hill review (PlayStation)

Reviewed June 21, 2013

maboroshi says: "Widely considered one of the greatest survival horror games ever, does it really hold up today?"
maboroshi's avatar
Koudelka (PlayStation) artwork

Koudelka review (PlayStation)

Reviewed April 24, 2013

TomatoMan says: "Occasionally, I am overcome by the urge to try something different. When it comes to video games, “different” is precisely the sort of term that someone might use to describe Koudelka. Another apt label is “interesting,” thanks to the variety of good ideas that the developers implemented. Perhaps the game’s most noteworthy quality, though, is the way that it combines familiar survival horror and RPG elements to create a unique new experience with the potential to be truly special."
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