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Hunter: The Reckoning (Xbox) artwork

Hunter: The Reckoning (Xbox) review

"General Story- You are a “Hunter”; a person gifted with the ability to see the evil that the rest of the world cannot. You have another ability-the power to do something about the evil. "

General Story- You are a “Hunter”; a person gifted with the ability to see the evil that the rest of the world cannot. You have another ability-the power to do something about the evil.

Graphics- The graphics in Hunter: The Reckoning are smooth and seamless. Although, the XBOX’s true graphical power isn’t evident in Hunter there is a certain quality about it that can be liked. The cars are decent and all look the same, and the explosions are merely mediocre. There is no real glamour to the game, not even in the FMV’s. Character models are another matter all together. The models are excellent, and this is showed in the FMV’s. There are many different kinds of monsters you encounter during your adventures, and some of them look down right mean, especially the rave kids.

Sound- The voce acting is the best I have ever heard in a game, no doubt. The first time I heard the “Hermit” (another type of Hunter not playable in the game), I was flabbergasted. The gun sounds are rather nice, and each sound is relevant to their real life counterparts. When firing a machine gun, you know exactly what your’ firing. The monster sounds, are not something to jump for joy about, but are at the most decent. There is no real difference in noises from monster to monster, except for dogs. Come to think of it, the monsters don’t make many noises at all.

Control- Just like Halo, Hunter has amazing controls, and utilizes every function of the XBOX controller efficiently. You can run in one direction while aiming in another, and you better learn how to do this fast if you want to survive. Switching weapons is a breeze, and so is moving. Each and every button is highly responsive and makes the game that much more fun.

Game play- This game is very fun to play, especially with two or more people. You can choose from four playable Hunters, and you gain experience, and your stats will grow. Along with stat growth you gain better and more powerful Edges (special powers you can use). The only gripe for multiplayer mode is that in the later stages it gets SUPER HARD. I mean like almost impossible to beat. All players are on the same screen, so you have to use extreme teamwork to even begin to survive. You fight through many, many levels of monsters, with increasingly difficult enemies every level. There’s a boss every so often, and prepare for a beat down, even more so in multiplayer mode.

Replay Value- This game is full of replay value, and increases even more with two or more players. There is an Alternate Hunter mode in which, you get different costumes for every character. There is also a Nightmare mode, which is extremely tough. One player mode is pretty cool, but the game gets a lot more fun, in multiplayer mode.

Overall Rating-87/100

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